Vampire, Neko, Demon? 2 THE END!!!!!!!! Sneek Peek

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Vampire, Neko, Demon? 2 THE END!!!!!!!! Sneek Peek

Post  MakiTokito on Mon Apr 20, 2009 6:43 pm

Hehehe, l love these thing. l probably should have done this before l went on vacation....oh well. enjoy it, and the picture..... ^^

"This fight was beginning to get ridiculous. lt was taking forever, what if you couldn't defeat her?"

"You hit the ground hard, the rocks digging into your skin, and sticky red blood trickled over your body. lt hurt."

"Taking a firm grip to her arm, you sank your little teeth onto her arm. Tears burned your eyes as you did this, and you couldn't bring yourself to biting hard. Your heard yelp from below and suddenly your teeth pierced the skin, and a sour liquid filled your mouth, not blood."

"You dropped to the ground and looked around. The guys were now laying lifelessly on the ground. 'Oh no! What happened?' Tears streaked your face. You were covered in salty tears and blood a you looked at them in blurry visions. Suddenly though you were glowing and changing. Your demon form left you, but you weren't your normal self. Suddenly you had ~~~~~~~, ~~~~~~, and ~~~~~~~"

"This was the real you now. You had to face reality. This was the way things would be, now and forever."


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