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Brunswick HighSchool

Post  MakiTokito on Mon Sep 15, 2008 5:08 pm

Ok in this rpg you get to be put in my shoes. You live here in Brunswick, Ohio and go to Brunswick Highschool (BHS). It's the laregest in Ohio, and 3rd largest in the U.S. so good luck. Oh and you start out as freshman too. And we known as Brunswick Blue Devils colors are Blue and White.

Age: (13/14/15)(mainly 14)
Team: (any sports team? We got alot)
Clubs: (say any. We probably have it >_> )
Wears: (what you usually where)
Label: (do u like labels? labels other, is labeled? whats ur label?)

Name: Courtney (Maki)
Age: 14
Looks: brown hair, hazel eyes, tallish(then most of my friends)
Personality: nice at times, if u aggrivate me u better run
Team: none
Clubs: anime society
Wears: jeans and random t-shirt, blue&white on thursday's and fridays. (those days are blue&white days at school)
Label: no, yes, probably, anime also can be known as freaks
Other: lots of anime friends, only one class with 2 of 2 best friends, no classes with love which makes me very upset and depressed at times.

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