Haunting Hour

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Haunting Hour

Post  MakiTokito on Mon Sep 15, 2008 5:11 pm

In this rpg you are some sort of immortal halloween character. one that scares people. you roam around the earth, living your life. everyone can get along with other immortals, but we should all hate mortals.

Affinity: (vampires only. EX: love, unhappiness, etc)
Demon: (what type of demon u are if u are one)
ER: (Just a lil bit about ur creature if not one of the above)
Mortals: (what do you think of them?)
Immortals: (what do you think of others?)
Magic: (yes/no? Kinds?)
Animal: (do u have an animal?)

Name: Maki
Age: 16
Gender: female
Creature: vampire/demon
Personality: er....u'll see
Looks: brown hair, black and red highlights, amber colored eyes, wearing long sleaved black shirt, black and red shirt over black jeans, skull headband with matching flipflops.
Affinity: energy
Demon: cat demon - clouded leopard
Mortals: hate them all exept acidently fell in love with one and is working to change him to vampire/demon
Immortals: eh they're ok execpt absolutly despises half-bred vp's
Magic: yes(duh) and all kinds that vps and cat demons have
Animal: bats
Other: based on my rl anime character

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